Thursday, February 16, 2012

Elevator Line:  When the spotlight lands on an old cave painting, it decides to entertain its audience with a dance number.
Theme:  The ideas of movement and rhythm in art are as old as art itself.
Synopsis:  A French archaeologist (characterized through voice) points his flashlight around a series of cave paintings while lecturing on them.  One figure on the wall runs by.  The flashlight finds the figure who is nervous, but the figure starts to tap dance.  The dance evolves into a Fred Astaire performance, panning to the animals who act as chorus dancers.  The water from stalagmites creates the sound of applause.  
Tone:  Comical with realistic settings but unrealistic actions.  The piece will be show entirely on the series of wall shots.  I want the song he dances to to be a cover of “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” possibly with droplet sounds making the notes.  His tap dance sounds could be the sound of rocks hitting one another.
Objective:  The man on the wall will want to escape then the light first hits him.  The animals scurry when the man hides by them.  When he’s left with no option he decides to dance.  The dance will start nervous but quickly escalade into a loud and proud show.

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