Friday, March 23, 2012

Ideas for finals

I was thinking of doing a funny animated short about "How to be a pirate" but it explains all the do's and don'ts of internet piracy.  I was thinking about doing it with a 1950's cartoon commercial style with an overbearing narrator and a average joe (or child) character.  The visual style is minimalistic and old school, but dealing with the much more modern issue of how and when to pirate (completely for laughs though.)

Here are some examples of the 50's cartoon style I mean.
I like the kid in this, as well as the minimal style.
When I said overbearing narrator, it was the narrator from the Goofy cartoons that I was thinking of.
I like the visual style of this one.


  1. that maypo commercial is adorable. I like your idea of the 50's style, and the heavy narration with the character could be funny - esp. if the character keeps doing everything wrong. How will it end? what will we see on screen... just the boy at the computer?
    I really enjoy the 50's style this would be nice in either black and white or color

  2. This sounds like a great idea but I am also curious of how it will end. Although true, I'm sure you could do something to where the narrator just states "and these are the do's and don'ts of pirating." What will the Character be?