Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Demo Reel Paper Edit

Demo Reel focusing on believable movement and conveying character.
·      A Shirt Story
o   A_shirt_story_clip01: Stopmotion animation and editing.
o   A_shirt_story_clip02: Character interactions and conveying emotion.
·      Amoeba
o   Amoeba_clip01: Traditional hand-drawn squash and stretch. Creating weight and momentum.
·      Bad Sign
o   Bad_sign_clip01: Traditional hand-drawn suggesting depth believable movement through environment. Morphing and transformation.
·      Pianos of Legends
o   Pianos_of_legend_clip01: Frame by frame complex action while expressing character personality. 
·      Paper Subway
o   Paper_subway_clip01:  Establishing a mood within a highly stylized environment.
o   Paper_subway_clip02: Expressing deep emotions with simple animation.
·      Aries Dance
o   Aries_dance_clip01: Performing complicated motions and exchanging multiple rigs to create organic movement.
·      In the Company of Stars
o   In_the_company_of_stars_clip01: Fluidity in stopmotion cutout replacements.
·      Stepping in Ancient Times
o   Stepping_in_ancient_times_clip01: Compositing multiple animation types, lighting and hand-drawn dancing.
·      Haunted Playboy Mansion
o   Haunted_playboy_mansion_clip01: Lip syncing, Character design, facial expressions.
·      Aries Run Cycle
o   Aries_run_cycle_clip01: Fully developed run cycle for rigged human character.
·      Aries Walk Cycle
o   Aries_walk_cycle_clip01: Fully developed walk cycle for rigged human character.
·      Wings of Paper
o   Wings_of_paper_clip01: Recreating a physical pop-up aesthetic in a digital space.

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