Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revised Final Concept

Instead of lecturing the ethics of piracy, I thought of a narrative idea that could be a lot of fun using some of the same ideas.

-  A computer falls in love with a pop-up ad while visiting a pirating site.  When the user forces his computer to close the add down the stage is set for tragic romance.

It opens on a computer accessing the internet.  The window to a pirating website is open.  Panning around to the backside of the window (the unseen 3rd dimension of the computer) we see Mac who is ripping files and throwing them in a nearby Finder window.  He is obliging his user, but by his expression Mac doesn't like what he's doing.  Suddenly a pop up window of a pretty girl shows up next to him.  Mac is in love and pulls her out of her window to join him.  They cuddle behind the browser window.  The impatient user (personified by the mouse) starts looking around for Mac.  The mouse discovers the two are mingling and tries to separate them.  Mac and the pop up try to stay together which makes the mouse get angry.  The mouse grabs Mac's hand and makes him force quit the pop up.  While force quitting the pop up, Mac is infected with a virus that causes the computer to crash.  Mac is rebooted.  He has forgotten the pop up but realizes something is missing.

I decided to use paper textures for this because it makes a warm and appealing new look to the very cold familiar digital world.

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